Photography Training

You enjoy taking photos, but find it frustrating when the images don’t match what you visualised.


You recently bought a new camera, but don’t quite know what all those buttons and fancy features do.


You feel comfortable with your camera, but want to explore a new field where you’re less experienced.


You are an old hand at photography, and just need a little nudge to get the creative juices flowing again.


If you can associate with any of the above situations, read on!

Whatever your level of photographic skill or experience, chances are you can benefit from some individualised, focused training assistance to take things up a notch.

As a professional photographer with more than a decade of practical experience in a wide variety of fields, from location shoots to studio portraiture to landscapes to night time photography, I can help with a customised training session to suit your individual requirements. From a quick 3-hour refresher session to a full day or more of hands-on training, there is sure to be an option to suit your needs.

Training is available to individuals or small groups, with individual training sessions priced from $200 for a 3-hour session to $450 for a full day of training. Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your unique requirements.

Example topics that may be of interest for a customised training session:

Exposure basics
Understand the basics of exposure (aperture, shutter speed, ISO) and how you can manipulate these to create specific photographic effects.

Understanding your camera
Dig deeper into your camera’s functions and learn how to use advanced focus and exposure settings to your advantage. Learn how to use features like white balance, histograms, bracketing, exposure compensation and more to improve your images.

Studio lighting
Learn how to make the most of artificial studio lighting equipment and techniques to photograph people or products.

Night photography
Get creative with your camera after dark using long exposures, painting with light and more.

Available light photography
Gain a deeper understanding of light and contrast to make the most of sometimes challenging natural light conditions.

Photographing people
Learn how to capture the essence of the the person you are photographing, whether in a studio setting or on location.

Painting with light
Discover a whole new world of creativity by learning to use the techniques of painting with light. A challenging and very satisfying field of photography.

Creative techniques
Learn how to manipulate shutter speed, lens zoom, depth of field, multiple exposures and more to boost the creativity of your images.

Close-up/macro photography
Discover the wonders of the world around us through close-up photography.

Black and white photography
Strip away colour to get to the essence of the image. Discover which subjects and images lend themselves to black and white and learn to create timeless, classic images.

Landscape photography
We’re surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Make the most of the breathtaking scenery around you with tips and techniques to take your landscape photographs to the next level.

Wedding photography
Asked by a friend or family member to help with some photos at their wedding? Make sure you have the tools and know-how to create some memorable images.